birthday cupcake for child one year anniversary

And Just Like That … We’re ONE.

I realize that time ceased to have meaning when the world went topsy-turvy. What used to be a minute started to feel like seven hours. And what used to feel like a month sometimes felt like a single minute. 

It’s like we all collectively jumped in a Tardis and started cranking the knobs. 

With that in mind, I was still gobsmacked to see a major milestone on my calendar. 

Indie Author Magazine is officially one year old. 

To put it in perspective, that equates to:

  • 86,000+ reads
  • 253 articles
  • 160,000+ words
  • 11,000+ social media likes

… And one grateful team. Thank you for your support, and I hope that you’ll continue to let us help you reach your author-business goals.

We have exciting new projects in the works for our second year, starting with an Author Tech Summit in July, expanded video interviews on our YouTube Channel, an advisory board made up of smart industry insiders, and an in-person mastermind in San Antonio, Texas. 

We’re just getting started. 

On a personal note, I became a grandmother on April 4, 2022, as my daughter Kelsea and her husband Kevin welcomed a healthy, beautiful daughter, Elowyn Madeline Adams. I’m a thrilled “Mimi,” and my new favorite pastime is spamming the team Slack channel with photos.

Thank you for a fantastic first year. Here’s to many more.

To Your Success, 


Chelle Honiker, Publisher

Indie Author Magazine