Books, Tools, & Podcasts To Explore in July


The Anatomy of a Best Seller: 3 Steps to Deconstruct Winning Books and Teach Yourself Craft (Better Writers)

Sasha Black

Anatomy of a Best-Seller\” by Sacha Black is an engaging guide for aspiring authors aiming to understand the crafting of best-selling books. This comprehensive guide provides a step-by-step process for deconstructing your favorite books, allowing you to understand and employ the tools of successful authors. The book offers tips and tricks for breaking down everything from sentence-level prose to plot, pacing, characters, story arcs, and more.

Furthermore, it offers an in-depth guide to understanding your market and reader preferences, essential elements to consider when aiming to create a best-seller. The book is not just about understanding; it emphasizes the practical application of lessons learned, turning these tools into practical prose and compelling stories.


Indie Author Tools – Relaunched

Indie Author Tools is about to take a giant leap forward! Relaunching on July 1, this dynamic resource hub for self-published authors will unveil a sweeping redesign and expansion, featuring over 300 new tools. From writing apps and marketing websites to courses and events, Indie Author Tools is the go-to source for everything an indie author needs to succeed. Renowned as the imagination\’s toolbox, this site is dedicated to empowering authors on their journey, whether they\’re crafting their debut novel or managing a growing book empire. What\’s more, it boasts a vibrant community where authors share reviews and guides, ensuring an unbiased, practical perspective on every tool. Don\’t miss the relaunch – your journey to literary success just got a whole lot easier with Indie Author Tools!


Indie Author Magazine – Full Audio Versions

Tune into the Indie Author Magazine Podcast, where the written word meets the spoken word! This unique podcast presents full audio versions of each month\’s issue articles from Indie Author Magazine. Perfect for busy authors on the go, each episode transforms insightful articles into engaging audio, allowing you to keep up with the latest industry trends, writing tips, and author interviews, wherever you are. Whether you\’re at your writing desk, commuting, or taking a well-deserved break, the Indie Author Magazine Podcast ensures you never miss a beat in the self-publishing world. It\’s not just a podcast; it\’s a community of authors sharing, learning, and growing together. Tune in to hear diverse voices from the indie author realm and fuel your author journey with wisdom from peers and experts alike.

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