Gamer creator explaning to african worker how testing game level interface

Breaking Up (With Software) is Hard to Do… And Expensive Too.

Chelle Honiker

You could safely call me a digital hoarder. If there were a show about nerds who download and play with apps and find obscure programs to solve problems (that probably don’t really need solving) with technology, I would be its poster child.

I am obsessed with trying new things. Two of my favorite words are ‘beta tester.’ Trust me, if you think your program can’t be broken, then please — I beg you — give it to me. I will find your bugs. I will break it in thirty-seven ways you never thought possible. 

I think my gleeful geekiness is delightful. It’s adorkable. After all, what harm is there in trying new apps, courses, and tools?

The Real Cost is Incalculable

In the world of entrepreneurship, the cost is, of course, your time. Which is the most precious asset you have. It’s finite, and should be carefully considered when you do, well, anything with your business.

Because when your paycheck is tied to your effort, it could mean all the difference in the world to your bottom line. 

Trying new systems is fun. Learning is also fun. 

But buying and downloading fresh courses, apps, and tools with no intention of making them part of your everyday tech stack will serve only to pull your attention away from your business. 

This month, we look at the systems and best practices for formatting your manuscript. You’ll take a really deep dive with some of the information we’re about to give you like a firehose. 

So consider this a tap on your proverbial shoulder. Protect your time. That’s all I’ll say. 

Actually, I’ll say something else. Don’t be me. 

Until Next Time,