Creator Economy for Authors: A Guide to the Future of Publishing (New Age of Publishing Book 2)

Michael Evans’s Creator Economy for Authors delves into the significant shifts occurring in the publishing world. Highlighting the movement from traditional platforms to communities spearheaded by authors, the book explores the potential of limitless creation and its implications. Drawing from Evan’s experiences as a novelist and co-founder of a publishing platform, the work underscores the importance of diversifying revenue sources and adapting to new reader engagement methods. Esteemed authors like J. Thorn and Monica Leonelle recommend it as a thoughtful exploration of the challenges and opportunities facing modern writers.

Subscriptions for Authors podcast

Emilia Rose and Michael Evans

A weekly show to help you make more money from subscriptions as an author. From the creators’ website: “Our goal is to help more authors write full-time and build sustainable, recurring revenue from their superfans.

“Our co-hosts, Emilia Rose and Michael Evans, interview authors pioneering new ways to monetize their fiction and build reader communities. We share novel marketing ideas, new platforms/technologies, and game-changing strategies at the cutting edge of publishing.”


Ream is a multifaceted subscription platform tailored for authors. Envisioned as an amalgamation of an eReader app, a reader community, and a mailing list, Ream streamlines the process of establishing a paid membership base for readers. Key features include:

  • Social E-Reader: Enables readers to engage in discussions, complemented by an auto-bookmarking system and customizable reader settings.
  • Import Entire Books: Designed to simplify the manuscript upload process, authors can swiftly transfer their entire collection of works onto the platform.
  • Scheduling Chapters: Authors can serialize a complete book, bypassing the need for individual chapter uploads.

Rooted in the ethos that authors possess more influence than traditional publishers and retailers, Ream champions the rights of storytellers. It guarantees authors comprehensive control over their content, pricing, and narrative ownership. Moreover, it ensures they maintain direct relationships with their readers. Joining Ream is cost-free, with the platform charging 10 percent plus payment processing fees on the author-generated revenue.