Business needs to hire new employees so they put out a help wanted sign

Job Post: Content Production Coordinator (Entry-Level, 20 Hours per Month)

Thanks for your interest! The position has been filled.

Indie Author Magazine is seeking an entry-level content production coordinator to help us be sure things are where they\’re supposed to be, when they\’re supposed to be. This is an ideal position for a VA just getting started looking for more experience and new clients. Hourly rate is $15 per hour, with the opportunity to revisit in 90 days.

Three weeks per month will require just 1-2 hours, but one week per month will require crunch time hours. Once we\’ve finalized the issue then we have just 4-5 days to get it distributed.

We\’re a globally distributed team spanning 11 time zones, so you can be anywhere as long as the work gets done.

An ideal candidate Would Be:

  • Comfortable reaching out to writers to help them meet deadlines throughout the month, keeping the exec team and content calendar updated with their status.
  • Experienced with WordPress, with a willingness to learn more advanced features like syndication, templates, and content protection. You\’ll get a WordPress MBA with this gig.
  • INCREDIBLY detail-oriented because we have a lot of moving parts and systems.
  • Unafraid of asking \”dumb questions\” from the executive team, because let\’s face it, we probably haven\’t explained it well enough. We won\’t hold that against you, and we do have lots of documentation to help.
  • Familiar with (or willing to learn how to) format ebook versions in Scrivener and upload to BookFunnel, Draft2Digital, IngramSpark and Amazon on a tight deadline.
  • Can batch-create social media imagery from templates and schedule posts for the month.
  • Willing to learn and apply project management methodologies.

Our tech stack includes: Slack, NiftyPM, Airtable, Scrivener, Google Docs, Microsoft Word, Adobe InDesign, and Crello. You don\’t need to know all of them, but this is a very technical position.

BONUS POINTS (And 8 extra hours per month) if you can write some pithy copy for newsletters and can compile content weekly and hit send.

Super-duper extra points if you appreciate sarcasm, controlled chaos, and coffee as dark as the publisher\’s soul. Which is dark. Like, looking into the void dark.

If this is you, drop an email to with your qualifications, why you think you\’re a good fit, and toss in your favorite meme and Foo Fighters song.