Give yourself some credit for how far you have come

Stop and Look Around Once in a While

Recently I had the pleasure of interviewing potential new contributors for Indie Author Magazine. Thirty-four brave souls stepped forward for consideration and a thirty-minute Zoom interview. Rather than feeling like thirty-four business meetings, it was instead a delight to meet some of the smartest, most interesting writers in our field. It was a personal reminder of our history and mission, and it reinforced my enthusiasm for our future. Here are some of the things I realized.

Our readership is truly global. 

I spoke with writers from South Africa, Nigeria, the United Kingdom, the United States, India, Ireland, Canada, Georgia, and Australia. They shared their love of writing and connecting with their readers. I met community leaders, poet laureates, university professors, and self-described “regular moms” who juggle writing and homeschooling. Having been that mom many moons ago, I can attest there is nothing “regular” about that. It’s like being a lion tamer in a circus—and the big top is on fire. Each story was extraordinary. 

We have an exceptional origin story and mission.

On each call, I recapped how we started and distilled nearly two years’ worth of work into a thirty-second elevator pitch. And each time it reminded me of how hard this team has worked to help our community. Every article was born of a question, and we’ve done our best to provide a thoughtful, well-researched answer. Our mission is clear, and it’s being fulfilled with every issue.

We have a bright future.

I can’t wait to see the ideas this group of new authors will bring to the magazine in the coming months. We’re hard at work making room for expanded sections and more trusted voices who will share ideas with you on a broad array of subjects. I’m confident they’ll bring fresh perspectives and fresh energy, and that will make us even better in the future. 

To Your Success, 


Chelle Honiker, Publisher & Co-Founder

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