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From The Publisher: The Product of Perseverance

When it comes down to a hero’s journey, the one thing that makes the story compelling is their ability to overcome the obstacle. What odds did they beat? What was previously insurmountable that they have now conquered? And, more importantly, how did they achieve success?

Grit. Determination. Stick-to-it-ness.

The answer, more often than not, comes down to one thing. They simply kept going.

Now that the warm fuzzy glow of the New Year has passed and the resolutions are broken (a statistical probability, I’m afraid) it’s time to dig out the only weapon in our arsenal that can redeem those ambitious goals you set for 2022, back when you were full of hope and optimism.


You can’t edit a blank page. Write some words. You can’t market what you haven’t finished. Quit scrolling social media. You missed a deadline. Set a new one. 

Don’t start over. Keep going. Pretend that you never stopped. Don’t wait for another milestone day of the week or month to give yourself a fresh start. Start again where you are right now. 

You’re the hero. It’s your journey. Only you can write your way out of this obstacle. Give yourself the same gift of perseverance that you’d give one of your fictional friends. 

Make your life and career unputdownable. 

To your success, 


Chelle Honiker, Publisher

Indie Author Magazine