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When You’re Just a Little Stitious

Like Michael Scott from The Office, I’m not superstitious, but I am a little “stitious.” I don’t open umbrellas inside. I throw spilled salt over my left shoulder. I don’t walk under ladders.

And I never say, “It’s going to be a calm week.”

Because that’s when you know it will most definitely not be a calm week. 

As a startup, most weeks we buckle up and hold on and try to catch this tiger by the tail. There’s a lot we do that mirrors what indie authors do, like keeping up with social media posts, running ads, writing the next release, and making sure our newsletter goes out.  

I had a moment last week when it seemed too calm. Too quiet. Too peaceful. 

It made me nervous. 

I ran through the project lists, obsessively checking missed tasks or things I must have forgotten. I sent frantic Slack messages asking for status reports.  

Nothing was on fire. Nothing broken. I hadn’t missed a major milestone. 

It wasn\’t calm before the storm. It was just calm. 

We finally hit the stride the entire team had worked toward for the last nine months since we launched. The processes we’d implemented and the amazing people we’d hired were performing brilliantly. 

I relaxed a little. 

And then I knocked on wood. 

To Your Success, 


Chelle Honiker, Publisher

Indie Author Magazine